Contract Software Engineer

Explore an advanced technology provider specializing in energy management and building automation solutions - that offers a wide range of innovative tools and platforms that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.

Join a team revolutionizing energy management and control. Embrace the future of intelligent building management systems with cutting-edge platforms.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

What’s in it for you:

• Up to 700 AUD per day!
• Supportive team environment.
• Career growth and development.
• A great company culture with social events throughout the year.

What you’ll need:

• Proficient front-end skills in JavaScript and jQuery to address security vulnerabilities in the front-end and make necessary modifications to meet application requirements.
• Capable back-end skills in Base Java to handle security vulnerabilities in the back-end and make appropriate changes to align with the application's needs.
• Competence in firmware skills, specifically in Tomcat, Debian, and scripting, to update security vulnerabilities related to the operating system and ensure continuous operation of the current firmware.
• Adherence to secure development practices to ensure the product's initial and ongoing security.
• Compliance with best programming practices, with meticulous attention to detail, particularly in error handling, to develop a maintainable product and avoid negligent implementation of additional flaws.
• Proficiency in project management skills to assess project requirements from non-technical stakeholders and independently manage the project until completion.
• Effective communication skills to clearly and regularly communicate issues and progress to stakeholders on a daily basis.

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