Project Lead

Lead the charge!

As the driving force behind projects, you will wield your expertise to seamlessly navigate the intricate journey from inception to fruition in electronics, mechanical engineering, and industrial design.

Join a team that lives and breathes engineering.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

What's in it for you:

• Hybrid work arrangement
• Generous salary package
• Gain access to cutting-edge design resources and a robust support system.
• Become an integral part of an exceptional team
• Embrace the chance to contribute to various captivating, demanding, novel, and inventive projects.

What you'll do:

• Create project plans, break down tasks, and assign resources.
• Keep track of project goals, check how well the project is doing compared to the plans and budgets, and fix things if they go off track.
• Use the company's established design and engineering methods to ensure they're working well for our projects.
• Follow the company's step-by-step approach and way of doing things to ensure projects move through each stage as they should.
• Find ways to save money and improve things without hurting the project's goals or quality.
• Work with managers to determine how to use our resources for each project.
• Lead and manage the people who design and engineer things, helping them and helping them grow.
• Teach and guide less experienced team members to help them get better at their jobs.
• Build good relationships with clients and be the main person they talk to during their projects.
• Discuss with clients how the project is going when important things are happening, and make sure they're happy with it.
• Listen to what clients say, try to understand their needs, and help them when they have concerns.
• Talk with clients to manage their expectations, explain money limits, and suggest good ideas to solve problems.
• Work with the management and other important people to make plans, discuss the budget when needed, and explain why it's important and what risks there might be.
• Follow the rules to ensure our projects meet the standards and regulations for making medical devices.
• Help with Quality Management System tasks, including ones we can bill clients for when making medical devices, to ensure we're following the rules.

What you'll need:

• You should have a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, or something related. If you have an advanced degree, that's even better.
• You should also have experience as a program manager or project manager, especially in electronics, mechanical stuff, and design projects.
• It's important to know about project management stuff, like how to do it, what methods to use, and what tools to use.
• You should be good at ensuring that the design and engineering processes are done right.
• Being organized and managing your time well is a must; you should know how to decide which tasks are most important.
• You need to be good at talking and working with different people, including clients.
• Knowing about ISO 13485 rules and quality management systems is a big plus.
• Teach and guide your team members and follow a step-by-step process.
• If you know about making medical devices, that's a big plus.

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