Sensor Design Engineer (Electromagnetics)

Dare to push mining science to the limits?


Join a R&D team of 50 Engineers building the best portable materials detection technology in the world.

What you'll do:


• Drive sensor research and development for material detection systems

• Hands-on approach to prototype creation and validation

• Drive cross-disciplinary design and troubleshooting efforts involving complex electromagnetic and electromechanical phenomena

• Collaborate with engineers to develop new test methods and equipment

• Participate in field trips for testing, verification and validation


What you'll need:

• Bachelor’s degree in Electronic/Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, Physics or equivalent qualification.

• Postgraduate qualifications in a relevant discipline are highly desirable

• Demonstrated experience with electromagnetic and/or electromechanical principles and toolsets is highly desirable

• Experience in a similar design area such as RF, antenna, or magnetics design.
• Experience in high-performance analog and digital audio design

• Experience in amplifier design as well as linear and switching power supplies

• Experience in low-noise gain stages to high power amplification using transistors, CMOS/Bi-CMOS/Mosfet, GAN, and RF devices

• Switching Power Supply Designs include AC/DC, DC/DC, PFC, Buck, Buck/Boost, Flyback, Push/Pull, Half -Bridge, Full -Bridge

• Understanding of EMI noise control and filtering

• Understanding and application of feedback and control loop methods and theory


Electronic Design & Simulation: Altium, Pspice, Tina, LT Spice
Acoustic Testing and Design: Audio Precision, PureBits, Dirac Live, Trinnov, Smaart, Acourate, Arta, Ease, Klippel, Comso


What's in it for you:

• Work with a global team of engineers

• Join a pioneer in the field

• Family-friendly company culture

• Very attractive salary

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