Senior Firmware Engineer

As an Engineer, you want technical challenges to keep the grey matter buzzing.

What's more challenging than crafting out a new product from the ground up?

You'll be writing firmware for real-time control devices, including high-speed sensors, FPGAs, stepper motors, LED displays, signal generation, monitoring, and more. 

What you'll do:

Develop high-quality, robust firmware 
Design, develop and maintain firmware across the whole SDLC
Bringup new prototype boards
Prototype new designs 
Maintain firmware, including porting to new MCU's 

What's you'll need:

10+ years of writing solid firmware (C/C++)
Experience with 32-bit MCUs and toolchains
Real-time operating systems, threading, concurrency issues
USB development (UVC, HID, CDC, custom protocol design)
Source code management with Git
Testing – manual, automated, thorough validation
Ability to read schematics and multi-layer PCB layouts
Control and interfacing with OLED displays
Control systems, PID control design and tuning
Good understanding of various protocols, including RS-232/485, SPI, I2C, USB SS

What's in it for you:

Flexible working hours
Attractive remuneration package
collaborate with highly skilled specialists in software and electronics 
An opportunity for you to grow and learn in a friendly and supportive culture

If this interests you, apply now, and let's start a conversation.