Embedded Firmware Engineer

Get ready to redefine the skies with our cutting-edge aviation venture! This brand new role has been specifically crafted to strengthen our client's burgeoning platform. We are in search of a dynamic engineer to amplify the design and execution of our pioneering software architecture across a diverse range of aircraft products.

Be part of a team of innovators who are fervently dedicated to setting new quality benchmarks and pushing the envelope of innovation.

Embark on a journey into the unknown, navigating unchartered territories as you bring new hardware and software solutions to life.

As an invaluable asset to our team, you will:

  • Immerse yourself in the evaluation of designs, code, and documents, assuring the quality of your team members' contributions.
  • Promote a spirit of collaboration, leading the way in amalgamating design and development best practices to produce superior, testable, and modular solutions.
  • Be a stalwart guardian of code quality, implementing code reviews, unit testing, and automated tests to uphold and elevate our standards.
  • Harness the power of cross-disciplinary teamwork, collaborating with fellow electrical, software, and firmware engineers to deliver a comprehensive, fully functional product.
  • Take the reins of responsibility, taking ownership of tasks and confidently steering product features to a successful completion.

The perfect candidate will have:

Expert-level knowledge and practical experience with C-based design patterns, always upholding the highest coding standards and best practices.

Demonstrable experience in the development of embedded networked distributed systems.


  • You have the right to work in Australia.
  • You are the proud holder of a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Software) or its equivalent.
  • You are adept at designing, developing, and testing embedded firmware on various microcontrollers, guiding products from conception to production.
  • You are an expert in writing modular code in an embedded C environment.
  • You have a knack for interpreting schematics and component datasheets.
  • You are well-versed in communication protocols such as RS485, MQTT, TCP, UDP, I2C.
  • You have experience in writing unit tests for embedded C, with a preference for Ceedling.
  • You have a history of contributing firmware modules in a shared codebase that's utilized across multiple products.

Join us and become a part of a career where you can leave a lasting impact, where innovation is the status quo, and where your contributions matter. Together, let's reshape the future of aviation!