Electronics Engineer

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Be part of the leading player in the tech world, known for our cutting-edge solutions and commitment to excellence.

As the company expands and reaches new horizons, welcoming individuals eager to step up their careers and explore new technologies is exciting.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

What's in it for you:

• Work on new technologies
• Generous salary package
• Supportive and collaborative team members and managers
• Continuously improving and efficient team
• Work in a solid domain with constant technical growth

What you'll do:

• Collaborate on iterative design enhancements for continuous production board optimization while actively participating in the ideation and realization phases of novel product development, notably pertaining to SmartFill accessory and EV Charger initiatives.
• Pioneering the development of cutting-edge electronic systems and units, encompassing a diverse array of electronic elements, including low-level analog, digital, high-speed, and multi-core 32-bit microcontroller circuitry.
• Create exhaustive electronic design schematics and accompanying PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design layouts to ensure meticulous project documentation.
• Oversee, sustain, and release project documentation in strict compliance with established organizational protocols and procedures.
• Contribute to the implementation of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) at both unit and system levels, in addition to other validation activities germane to electronics design.
• Provide electronic expertise and support during system testing and integration phases to ensure the seamless operational functionality of the end product.
• Offer electronic proficiency across the entire spectrum of the product development lifecycle, from the project's initial conceptualization through to the attainment of production-ready, fully validated stages.

What you'll need:

• A minimum of 3 years of practical experience in working with both digital and analog electronics.
• Proficiency in handling various communication protocols, such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, LVDS, HDMI, and Ethernet.
• Strong analytical abilities and familiarity with SPICE simulators.
• Previous involvement in PCB layout for designs with 4 or more layers.
• A background in embedded programming can be advantageous for this role.
• Familiarity with IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) standards is considered advantageous.
• Knowledge of principles related to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) is a valuable asset.
• Expertise in designing systems to comply with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards.

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